Top tips for keeping you on track this January

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It’s January, gyms are packed with people with a newly found enthusiasm for fitness. Many have new gym clothes, partnered up with a buddy to keep each other motivated and/or have been dragged to the gym by their other half. This usually lasts around 3 weeks till those new faces soon become forgotten as people lose interest and fall back off the wagon.


But what if this year was different? What if it wasn’t a fad for a couple of weeks, what if this time you actually manage to break the mould and make a permanent change to your habits.


Here are a few tips that should help you to keep motivated.

  •  Don’t slog for hours in the gym, yes you may have burned 1000 calories in 4 hours, but if you break that down, its only 250 per hour and probably a total waste of your time! Even 30 minutes a day of more intense exercise will be a much more effective way to increase your fitness and won’t have you bored shitless!


  •  Workout with others– I’ve said this in previous posts but find someone else to work out with or set yourselves a challenge to keep you motivated.


  •  Focus on the positive things– it’s so important to look at what you could be gaining, rather than what you are missing out on, e.g. eating pizza every day
  • That being said…. It has been proven on many studies, occasional indulgence can help keep you on track. If you are super strict all the time, you are probably more likely to fall off the wagon.


  •  Reward yourself– but not with food! If you are getting a step closer to your goal, could be losing a couple of kilos or even being able to finally do a full push up. Treat yourself to a manicure, haircut or even a new outfit.


  •  Keep foods that will tempt you, out of the house. If you get the munchies and there isn’t anything unhealthy for you to snack on, you are less likely to actively go out and source those things, however if they are there, you’d probably ingest them within 2 minutes almost not even registering you’ve eaten them- we’ve all done it!
  • Set yourself a realistic target. If you have a full-time job and a family, realistically you’re going to find it hard to work out 5 times a week for an hour for example. However, four 30 minute slots during your week would be a lot more manageable. Plan time into your day to ensure that you fit your workouts in.


  •  Monitor progress, you could use the scales, measurements or progress photos. I personally like to use a combination of all of these. However, I really think progress photos are very effective, even if you’re not too comfortable seeing them. Remember although before and after photos are plastered all over the internet- no one has to see them but you. Unless you’re really proud and then share away!


  • Don’t expect miracles overnight. You will probably begin to see changes in your body within 4 weeks, so try to use all these tips and other things that will keep you motivated. Be patient and your body will reward you. Remember also, that even if your goal is an aesthetic one, you are still doing wonders for your body on the inside, improving your general health. f588770e019432b7d18e7436bdab06c2--jeep-quotes-jeep-sayings
  • Finally, don’t beat yourself up, if you fall off the wagon and do indulge for a weekend, or even a week, don’t think that’s it and you can’t get back on track. You may have had a bad week, but pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start again, your body is a working progress.

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