Intermittent fasting one week in….

One week into my intermittent fasting I am actually not finding it too bad. I have been intermittent fasting, which has consisted of eating only between the hours of 12pm and 8pm.

intermittent fasting clock

To sum things up for me the pros are:

  • It gives me a little more time to lie in bed in the morning, or to get ready!


  • In the 8 hours I am allowed to eat I feel like I am constantly eating (I am however keeping under 1500 calories)
  • The time that I am most likely to eat rubbish, i.e. chocolate, is late evening, however if I can’t eat after 8pm, I don’t have that temptation anymore 🙂
  • In turn this also means my calories/food is made up of ‘good’ food
  • I have lost 2.4 kilos (but some of that is just after indulging at Christmas!)


  • I always get really hungry around 10am
  • Drinking gallons of green tea to starve off the hunger

green tea

  • When doing things on an evening or even during the day at weekends, it can be a little restrictive, as I’m always thinking I need to eat before 8pm
  • When doing personal training sessions in the evening means I have to rush home and get some food in me before 8, so have to meal prep


  • When training in the morning, I get a bit hangry before 12pm, actually very. I pity the students who have me teaching them the period before lunch!


So, all in all, I’m quite liking the intermittent fasting and I find it does fit my lifestyle quite well. I just need to be organised and meal prep, however this is something that I have always done anyway.

In addition to what I have found during this week, here are some other benefits.

intermittent fasting poster

I am going to continue for another 3 weeks and see how I get on. Again, will keep you updated.


2 thoughts on “Intermittent fasting one week in….

  1. I am on my second week of intermittent fasting and I find drinking loads of green tea and warm water helps me the hunger. It was definitely easier this week than last. Here’s hoping that continues. Good luck with your IF journey.

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