Staying motivated

In my previous post I talked about doing things with others and how that motivated me. We have now come to the end of the fat loss challenge, where I managed to take off just over 1.5% of my body fat and lost 5kg. However, I suspect some of that may have been lean muscle mass, but I do feel a lot better and my clothes fit me better, so feeling positive.

Now I’m back home for the festive period and desperately trying to stay on track. So far, I’ve been home a week and have managed to get a workout in everyday and have been sticking to between 1450-1500 calories a day, most days. The only thing I’m not doing it meticulously sticking to my macros, but it’s christmas, I’m home to visit everyone, I can’t be too strict.

In comparison to other years where I would’ve come home and completely fall off the bandwagon and probably undo all the hard work of 4 months in 2 weeks!

The things that are motivating me and keeping me on track are:

  • 1st thing- My best friends wedding! It’s less than 10 days away and I’m so excited! This is definitely motivating me, I have been doing more arm exercises so I look like this in my dress.bulky armsOn second thoughts, maybe something more like this…jess ennis

    Yes this is much better!


  • 2nd thing- Results- I am actually seeing results, it’s not been a quick fix, it’s been changes to diet and training that have been consistent over a period of time. I feel better, I feel stronger and I look better. My problem area which is my stomach is actually starting to get flatter.

The left hand side is me in September vs the right hand side which is December. I didn’t actually feel that there had been that much difference, until I saw the first photo (front on one). So a good reason to take progress photos!

  • 3rd thing- habit, all of these changes I am making are slowly but surely becoming part of my lifestyle. I try to work out everyday, even if is just a light workout or mobility. My diet is something that still needs work, especially macro ratios but this is something I am working on and will probably continue to tweak as I go.


  • 4th thing- Now I’m qualified as a personal trainer, I really need to practise what I preach! No one wants to employ a trainer who does not look in good shape, or worse still tells you to do all the right things but then doesn’t do them themselves.


  • 5th thing- I think this is probably the most important, cheating! Making sure you have days where you give in to temptation and give yourself a little treat. I would not have been able to keep on track otherwise! My guilty pleasure is pizza and chocolate. I could have got even better results if I hadn’t had the occasional pizza or square of chocolate, but I also would’ve been miserable and probably have given up!


My nephew is usually my pizza buddy 🙂

I also know that on christmas day I am not going to restrict my eating in any way! I will definitely workout on christmas morning, however when it comes to dinner time I will be like this….



Anyway, I’m sure after the festive period many people will be looking at a way to get back into fitness, so think about the things that motivate you, whether it’s competing with a friend, working out in a group, working towards a goal etc. Write them down (as people who write down their goals are more likely to meet them!) and try to keep yourself surrounded with the things or people that keep you motivated.


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