Looking after my body…

In the past I have been a little silly with not listening to my body and probably training when I should have, not really caring about what I’m putting in my body in terms of food, or simply surviving off a diet of 1000 calories and thinking I was being ‘healthy’.

Most ridiculous thing ever! But yet when I was younger I was buying into shit like this!

However, now I am making sure that I have around 1400-1500 calories a day and ensuring that I am getting my ratio of macros correct, fuelling my body efficiently for the activities I am doing (those calories are normally higher too, they are that low at the moment as I am trying to lose fat). In addition to this I am also taking supplements, such as multivitamins, immune boosting vitamins, probiotics and magnesium. I also go to bed by around 9.30 most nights (such a grandma!!) as I often get up running at 5am before work. So why is it that I am doing all these things and still managing to get ill!! Not just a sniffle either, I have literally had to take 3 days off work and have not been able to do any form of exercise in a whole week! It has pained me and there is only so much Netflix I can watch!


I guess I can’t really do anything but just wait for it to pass, but it really has driven me mad that I cannot work out and also I can’t believe how weak I feel. The other day I walked to the doctors, which is like 10 minutes away, to get there I had to walk up a flight of stairs and when I got to the top I felt so tired, I checked my heart rate on my watch and it was 145 bpm! This is normally my heart rate when I am out running.

Today, 6 days into this bug I am starting to feel slightly more human and needed to get out so went for a 9 km walk around the marina in Dubai. Still feeling very weak and it took me a while! I guess I just need to accept the fact that no matter how much we look after our bodies we can still get ill. So I just need to get on with it and hopefully will be feeling better soon. As I get older and more knowledgable I feel I make less stupid decisions, for example even 2/3 years ago as soon as I was feeling like 75% better I would be straight in the gym training as hard as I was previously which would delay me getting better (these were probably the lesser of the stupid decisions I made- but no need to get into them!!)


Now I will be taking it easy, easing my way back into it and fuelling my body effectively soI can get back to where I was. Guess what I’m trying to say in a very round about way is listen to your body, treat it well, it may not always reward you, but it’s the only one you have, so you need to be patient before going 100% again.


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