Throw away the scales!

Ok, so my title may be a little dramatic, but I honestly feel like I need a break from the scales. I am a little ridiculous with weighing myself, like I weigh myself probably 4/5 times a day. Sometimes its purely through curiosity, for example if I’m going to the toilet, I may weigh myself before and after just to see how much I can offload! I know, I’m a little disgusting, but do find myself curious about these things!

Anyway, getting a little off the point, lately all I have been doing when I’ve been getting on the scale is beating myself up. I am eating a well balanced diet (80% of the time, well maybe 70%, if I’m completely honest!), have given up alcohol and have been working out 7-9 times a week, so therefore you’d expect some kind of change on the scale right?

Nope nothing!!!! Well perhaps a kilo or so in a month, so gets me thinking why am I busting my arse at the gym or out running, when there is not much difference on the scale? I think this is a common thought lots of women have and maybe some men too. However, if I actually take a step away from the scale and think about other changes that have happened.

  • Feel so much fitter- have started introducing sprint training into my morning runs, which was torture at first but feel like I’m getting stronger all the time. Also in my f45 circuit classes, I can do push ups without collapsing after 5!
  • My stomach appears to be flatter- which is a problem area for me, so this is a big winIMG_6715
  • My arms are more toned- if any of you have read my previous posts, you will know I have a thing about my arms
  • I feel like I have more energy
  • I am sleeping better, used to wake up around 3/4 times a night, now its around 1


So actually, if I look at all those positives and stop beating myself up about the number on the scale, I am much likely to continue to be motivated and keep going. Rather than stepping on the scale and feeling disheartened time after time. Don’t do it to yourself!

And a final thing, I know you will have seen this a million times, but needs to be said again…



So stop beating yourself up, think about how amazing your body actually is, fuel it, move it and be patient for results.


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