Turquoise Brunch Review, Rixos Premium JBR, Dubai

My initial feelings when my cousin suggested to going to this brunch, were let’s say a little lukewarm. Solely for the reason of it being brand new, so I was doubtful of how lively the place would be. With experiencing the all-inclusive Rixos in RAK, where the food was not really very impressive for somewhere calling itself a 5 star hotel. Therefore, I was a little tentative about what the quality of the food would be like.

I am very pleased to say that I was completely mistaken! The brunch, although half full (only it’s 3rd week) was thoroughly enjoyable and I will definitely be going back. At a reasonable price of 290 (nonalcoholic) or 390 AED (alcoholic), I am certain that the place will fill up soon enough.

Dennis- one of the cocktail waiters, makes a very good cocktail and was always smiling!

The drinks

We were taken to our table and quickly offered cocktails, which were presented really well, on a tray with some kind of liquid nitrogen, that myself and my cousin showed perhaps too much enthusiasm over, we were like 5 year olds! The cocktail had gin, prosecco and an elderflower syrup, topped with a square of Turkish delight, it tasted lovely. The only bad thing was that the glasses were decorated with what I think was bits of icing sugar, which made my hands a little sticky- but that’s just me being a bit picky!

Throughout the brunch there were many different types of cocktails brought to the table, with my favourite being a fancy gin and tonic, I can’t remember exactly what was in it, however they did have sage leaves that they had burnt in the top, which gave it a really nice aroma.

Can’t remember what this was called, but tasted a little like an orangey sambuca!


The package also include prosecco in the 390 AED price, therefore ticks a big box for me!

The music/ambience

Throughout the brunch there was live music, with a man playing the guitar and singing, providing really nice background music. There were also some two other performers, one of which was dressed as a chef and another as a waiter, who both came over to our table and began arguing, which initially we thought was real! However, they then both got out microphones and broke into a really good rendition of Haven’t met you yet’ by Michael Buble. This was a really nice touch as it brought a different level to the entertainment, as the 2 singers were moving around and interacting with the guests.

The food

I have left this section till last as I wanted to leave the best till last. It is rare to find a brunch in this price range that offers such good food and drink. Turkish is not a type of cuisine that I eat often, however there are many things that I would go back to this brunch for!

  1. The fish stand- there were so many different types of seafood that you could choose to get grilled and brought to your table. We ordered calamari, lobster and octopus, with the octopus being my personal favourite. To the side of this there was also a sushi stand, with a vast range of different pieces of sushi.
  2. The meat stand- this was similar to the fish stand. So many types of meat and kebabs that you could order to be cooked and brought to your table. We ordered the pistachi kebab, the adana kebab and the striploin steak. I completely fell in love with the pistachi kebab- want to return to this brunch just for this!
  3. The cheese stand- Again, a selection of turkish and Mediterranean cheese that were brought to your table. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Personally, I love manchego cheese, which they didn’t have, however they had so much selection I didn’t feel cheated!IMG_1404
  4. Desserts- I’m much more of a savoury person that desert, however I must say I was impressed with the array of desserts. My personal favourite was the pistachio baklava, they had so many different deserts, there was literally everything, from chocolate fountains, cheesecake, baklava to meringue.

There were also all the usual stations you get at brunch, bread (I generally avoid, as I don’t want to fill up on carby food), hot food, salads etc.


Overall, I think this brunch has everything, good drinks, excellent food, great entertainment. Try it out!


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