2 Months holiday is too long…

I know lots of people would absolutely love a 2 month holiday! As a teacher in the UAE, this year due to the Islamic calendar we have ended up having the longest holiday I have ever had in my working life. I have been off work for 2 months, I have travelled round Cambodia and Vietnam for a month and then have been around England visiting people, to Ibiza for a hen party and to the lake district for my sister’s wedding.


Which was supposed to be my inspiration to be slim with beautifully toned arms. What can I say? I failed drastically! Obviously, I have still fit into my dress, but my arms are far from toned and I don’t know why but they get this funny bit that sticks out at the side! I’ve always had that which is why I usually try and make an effort to keep my arms toned.



I am kind of making excuses here but it has been really hard to exercise and eat well at home. I have in fact put on 3 kilos since getting back! I believe this is for the following reasons.


  1. No routine
  2. No gym membership
  3. Shitty weather in England so don’t want to run in the rain

british weather4. Catching up with people, you sound like a twat if you say oh sorry I can’t eat this or won’t drink this

diet5. Eating things that I can’t get abroad/in Dubai (like my dad’s garlic pizza)

6. Italian family- who’s way of showing love is by feeding you!

italian family

7. Hen do in Ibiza- how would I be healthy there???

alcohol and pizza



Number 4 I find particularly hard, to be honest it’s something I have got better at, saying no or making a sensible choice. With trying to save money this year in addition to keeping healthy it is something I need to get better at!

I am now back in the UAE and have been sorting my life out. However, have a really bad head with cutting down my carbs. I have been eating healthy for 5 days and feel like it has been a lifetime, but definitely feel better already (apart from the bad head) for getting back on track.

So now I am back to work, back into routine, living in my own home and also about to be certified as a personal trainer, I have no excuse right??!!

We shall see. At least I will be able to empathise with clients about trying to keep on track with healthy habits. Will keep you posted.


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