Eating my way around Kampot

Kampot is a lazy town, set upon a river in the south of Cambodia. It’s chilled out, relaxed atmosphere seems to have drawn a lot of westerners to settle here. Whilst in Kampot we ate so much good food! Some Khmer and some western. Therefore, in this post rather than just talk through what I did, I’m going to talk through where I ate! 

Pepe and the Viking 

This is a hostel and cafe. We ate there a couple of times and enjoyed the sandwiches, particularly the goats cheese with bacon, caramelised onion and cashew nuts.

The food was reasonably priced and there are seats in an outdoor area which overlook the river.

Night market

On our first night we walked to the night market where we got a beef noodle soup. The Khmer people who worked there did speak any English but were very welcoming and accommodating- they seem overjoyed when we left a one dollar tip. The soup tasted delicious, however the beef in the soup was extremely fatty, I couldn’t eat it but the taste of the soup and the noodles was lovely.

This food cost 6000 riels, which is the equivalent of 1.5 dollars- absolute bargain! 

Rusty keyhole 

This place is famous for their ribs and they did not disappoint. We got a stack of ribs with mashed potato and coleslaw. The ribs were coated in a BBQ sauce which was delicious.

This plate, which fed both of us cost 7 dollars- which again was pretty good value. Again, this had seating outside which overlooked the river.

Max’s Italian 

In one of the night markets we met an Italian man who was selling fried ice cream. We asked him where the best place was to eat pizza in town and he recommended Max’s. 

With being half Italian I have high standards of Italian food- this pizza was pretty good. It had a very thin crust and the mozzarella was good. However, I don’t quite think it was the best in town. 

Divino Italian 

This was my favourite Italian in Kampot. It was a small family run restaurant which had a really nice feel to it and authentic food. We ate there a couple of times trying a mixed antipasto, pasta and pizza.

It was reasonably priced for western food. The pizza divino was the best pizza I had in Kampot- it was topped with parma ham, chopped tomatoes and Parmesan. Definitely worth a visit if going to Kampot.


This place had a complete mixture of Khmer and western food. However, we went more for happy hour drinks at sunset, which were $4 buy one get one free. We did have some appetisers with our drinks.

We had chicken satay skewers and Khon Khmer fresh spring rolls. The food here was ok, but quite a bit more expensive than other places.


I can’t remember the name of the place and we went there almost every day! It was a bakery on the corner just down from our hostel, old town and across the road from Rusty Keyhole. We had breakfasts there and also they did very good brownies with ice cream! 

Sometimes we ate in here and other times we just got things to take away. Definitely worth a stop off- just wish I remembered the actually name of the place!! 

The final place I’m going to mention isn’t a place in Kampot but in Kep which is about 30/40 minutes away. Kep is famous for its crab and has a massive crab statue to celebrate this. Therefore when we went we felt like we had to sample the crab!

Magic Crab, Kep

The seafood was so fresh here, when you walked in they had a tank with crabs in it. I have eaten crab before but have never seen crabs like these ones, they had blue tips.

To eat we shared 2 dishes, crabmeat cooked with green peppercorn and BBQ prawns.

Both of these dishes were so good, you could tell the seafood was so fresh. We had a pretty good view on to the sea from where we were sitting. We could actually see some of the locals fishing crabs in the sea.

I ended up staying in Kampot for 6 days and feel like I ate so well there! Need to start exercising a little more as I feel the lazy ambience in the town of Kampot affected my motivation! 

Kampot was one of my favourite places in Cambodia. If you are a foodie it is definitely worth a visit! 


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