You can’t out-train a bad diet

When I first started the F45 challenge at the start of May, I was really good with my diet. I was very strict with myself, even to the point of cutting out fruit. However, since I had visitors in the last week of May I have really struggled to get back on track.

A few other things have also affected my healthy eating

  • Ramadan hours at work- working as a teacher in Dubai my hours have been reduced to working 8am-2pm. Therefore have all this time left in the day where I sometimes eat through boredom! 😦

ramadan hours

  • Falling back into old patterns, rewarding myself with chocolate! This is something I really need to get out of the habit as, food should not be a reward! And also should not be rewarding myself everyday!

food reward

  • Coming to the end of term, there are always lots of social engagements! End of year parties and celebrations, where it is hard to stay on track, with lots of food and alcohol!end of year party


  • Spending time with friends who you won’t see for the summer. Sounds like a stupid point, however, last night got together with friends and got a takeaway from Wagamamas, I got beef chilli ramen, so it wasn’t the worst thing I could have got. Then I was saying to my friends shall we get some chocolate for afterwards, thankfully my friend Louise reined me in and said, this is not a cheat day! Haha so shamed me into being good but thank god she did!!

Despite all of this, I have however had lots of time to be working out, often doing 2 or more workouts a day. However, as I have titled this post, I cannot out-train a bad diet, so although I’m feeling stronger and fitter, my waistline is not improving! Term finishes at the end of this week (22nd June) so will be making a conscious effort to be sorting out my diet and not indulging too much till then!


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