Ting Irie Dubai- review

Went to Ting Irie this week for a friend’s birthday this week. It was the first time I have been however, I have heard very good things about the jerk chicken, so was excited to be trying it out.

It was a week night and we opted for the 5 course set menu. This combined with unlimited alcoholic drinks was 295 AED, which is pretty reasonable for Dubai. The place itself I thought was really cool, the ambience was nice with Jamaican music in the back, which gradually got louder as the night went on, creating more of a part atmosphere later on. The waiting staff were very friendly and although I wasn’t drinking they were very good with making sure the rest of the part had their glass full.


Whilst waiting for the rest of our party to arrive we were given plantain chips and fried tortilla chips with salsa, which were very moreish- I had to move them away from me in the end or I would’ve eaten the lot!


Next we had Jamaican Patties, oxtail sandwiches (think by far my favourite dish of the night) and a green salad. The pattie I thought was a little bit like a pasty you would get from GREGGS, back in the UK, was still tasty. The Oxtail sandwiches were AMAZING! I loved how tender the meat was and the coleslaw and the bread, it was all sooooo good. I could’ve eaten the whole plate! However, stuck to the one each rule, much to my dismay. I knew there was a lot more to come, so didn’t want to get too full!


The next course consisted of flaming wings, literally flaming! The waiter came and poured some liquid over the meat and set them alight!! There were also some slider style burgers, which were cooked so that they were slightly pink in the middle, sandwiched in a cheesy bread bun. Very very tasty.

Not sure if it was because I was getting quite full or because there had been so much hype around it, but when the jerk chicken arrived I was left slightly underwhelmed. It’s not that it wasn’t nice, it just didn’t blow me away. I actually preferred the Oxtail sandwich and sliders to the chicken. With this course we also had goat curry, ackee and saltfish and rice with peas. I have to give the bread a mention in this course too. It was soooo stodgy, but I loved it! Again I would’ve eaten more if I could’ve but I might have burst!


The final course was the dessert. By this point I was comfortably full but felt it would be rude to not at least sample some dessert! I tried both of them, but my favourite was definitely the french toast (picture on the left). It was really nice and the vanilla ice cream complemented it so well too. The staff also brought out some more french toast and sang happy birthday to Tom, the birthday boy and brought out a big sparkler with it too.


Overall I had a great night, I had great food, attentive waiting staff and excellent company. There was sooooooo much food, honestly I feel like when I came out of the place I literally rolled out! Now I’ve done the 5 course menu I don’t think I would go back and do it again, but would definitely go back and order my favourite things off the menu! I hadn’t really had much Jamaican food before, so this was a good way to sample lots of different dishes. I would recommend going here in a group setting as towards the end of the night it is definitely more of a party atmosphere.


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