Giving Yoga another go…

So after writing my previous blog post about finding your passion, where my housemate Hannah came along to my gym to take part in an f45 circuit class (my current exercise passion), I decided it would only be fair for me to give yoga another go. Which has been Hannah’s passion since we went to a surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.


The class we went to was at 136.1 Yoga studio in Dubai Marina. I almost wanted to shout at the teacher saying ‘I HATE YOGA, I CHALLENGE YOU TO CONVERT ME!’, however I just awkwardly put my hand up when asked if anyone had never done Vinyasa Yoga before.

So we started by doing downward dog, a position which was meant to be the relaxing position in Vinyasa, but due to how stiff my hamstrings are I did not find it remotely relaxing! However, I must say by the end of the class my hamstrings had loosened off quite a bit, was perhaps to a normal person’s flexibility level! Which is really bad considering I’m an ex gymnast. Anyway back to the class we then moved from downward dog, to a high plank, to chaturanga ( i think that’s what it was called), through to upwards facing dog. I didn’t actually find this too bad as I have quite good upper body strength.

I won’t go through a minute by minute description of the class, as it would probably be quite boring and to be honest I don’t think I remember everything. I do remember looking at my watch 20 minutes in thinking, this isn’t too bad. Then looking again at my watch 40 minutes in, starting to get a little bit antsy now! The worst part of the class for me was laying in corpse pose in silence for 5 minutes. I find being still a bit difficult, unless I’m sleeping and even then I move around a lot! But honestly I don’t really find that time relaxing, the thoughts running through my head are, this is meant to be a workout, why am I laying down??!

I did try out a few of the poses when I got home…

I know yoga is about body and mind, and for many people is a stress relief, however for me I prefer to relieve my stress by working up a sweat and getting my heart rate racing! I have tried again but I really just don’t think that yoga is for me.

I would just like to say that I did really like the teacher at the class and the studio was lovely. My yoga loving friends really like it there, so if you are in Dubai and like yoga, it is a studio that is highly recommended.

I am travelling at the end of June to Cambodia and Vietnam so perhaps I will try it again when travelling, but it will definitely not become a staple workout for me- sorry yogis!


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