Finding something you like…

This is something that I has always been part of my philosophy as a PE teacher. Finding something that every student likes doing, obviously they are not going to like every sport on the curriculum but I’m always keen to find that one area they do. Which hopefully will encourage them to be physically active at least in this area.

Similarly once I’m qualified as a personal trainer (I’ve just registered and have begun studying this week!!) I will be adopting the same philosophy. Obviously if it is an activity that you enjoy, you are going to be more motivated to do it, whether it’s running, cycling, Crossfit, Zumba, finding that one, or few areas that work for you is really important.


Myself and Hannah (my housemate, I’ll probably mention her a lot on here!) are both into fitness and last year used to work together all the time. We both like running, though she is faster than me, so I just plod along behind her! Last year we also used to do a lot if HIIT sessions in the gym in our building. However, this year we have kind of gone our separate ways with our exercise, we still run together (when it’s not too hot in Dubai!), but we have both found a different area we’re passionate about.

In September we went to a Surf and Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. I had never really done any yoga before, used to be a gymnast, so thought I would like it. However, I was wrong! I did a restorative yoga session that was 75 minutes, where I fell asleep 3 times, discovered I have lost all my flexibility from gymnastics and despaired when the teacher said we would extend the class a further 15 minutes!!! I just felt so bored and hated being still and quiet for so long! On the other hand Hannah was absolutely loving it and feeling very Zen. For the rest of the time we were there I did the surfing and would run on the beach when Hannah went to the yoga sessions.

In the winter we were both training for long distance running events, Hannah did a marathon and we both did a half marathon so our training mainly consisted of running and building up our milage. Which I actually found quite monotonous, not sure I want to do another half marathon!

Me and Hannah after the RAK half marathon (with my nephew as our mascot, super cute!)

After these events we both wanted to move away from running. Hannah found a yoga studio and joined there. I discovered a new gym which was literally a minute away from my building, called f45. It’s basically 45 minutes of circuits combining, resistance, cardio and functional training.

I love it! The classes pass so quickly and each day is slightly different. Since starting I have already seen a difference in my body, especially my arms. It’s convenient and doesn’t last too long. I know that I could probably create circuits for myself and complete them in the gym in my building, however I am so much more motivated by others and slightly competitive so don’t want to give up!

My gym actually offer a 2 week free trial, so for the last 2 weeks of term Hannah has joined and we are training together again. Halfway through her first class yesterday, she whispered, I HATE THIS!!! as the activity we were doing was a chin up static hold, so not the most pleasant. However, when the session was finished she said she did enjoy it and would be coming back!


Seeing how Hannah threw herself into something she wasn’t used to made me reflect on my hatred of yoga! It got me thinking to not strike yoga off straight away, maybe if I try a different type I would like it a bit more.



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