When temptation comes….

This week my housemate asked me to do a her a diet plan for the week for us both to follow and until yesterday this had been going quite well. The plan was to stay roughly around 1400 calories and cut down on sugar and only have starchy carbohydrates with our lunch.


So yesterday I did not have the best day nutritionally (not sure if that’s even a word!). Started off well, did a gym class in the morning followed by a breakfast of half a banana and a slice of frittata. I had my snacks as planned and my beef stir fry, however at work a colleague of mine offered me some chocolate and it all went down hill from there.

I was like the shark Brucey off Finding Nemo, once I had a taste for chocolate I was on one to get some more. Luckily I had a slight distraction as I had to pick my nephew up from nursery, however ran into another bout of temptation when he decided he wanted to pretend it was christmas and bake christmas cookies for santa! He’s the cutest kid every though so I couldn’t resist! So ate one of these too.

Not the best presentation- however my nephew is 3!

I then went home and was still on the search for more chocolate, so ate a small dark chocolate Lindt orange intense bar. After this I still wasn’t satisfied and was searching high and low in the cupboards for more chocolate or junk food. However luckily, I did not have any in the house! So when people say keep junk food out of sight or do not have it in the house (better for me as even out of sight I would still find it!), it’s actually true I didn’t continue my binge because there was nothing else for me to eat!

Living in Dubai it is more than easy to just order from a supermarket and get delivered, whether you call or there is even a grocery app you can order things off! However, my housemate had already ordered things off the app to our apartment so felt embarrassed to order more, especially when it was junk food to satisfy my binging!

So at the end of the day, my laziness of not wanting to walk to a supermarket and my embarrassment of not wanting to order through the grocery app again, actually saved me from eating shit that I did not need!


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