Am I a skank?

With working out quite a lot and doing a bit of swimming also I never know how much I should be washing my hair? I don’t know why but my face and head seems to sweat profusely during exercise, so obviously after working out my head is pretty sweating, resulting in quite disgusting hair.

However, I hear so much about not washing your hair too much as it gets rid of the natural oils in your hair, so trying to get the right balance. For example yesterday morning went to the gym and sweated a lot but did not want to wash my hair, as I was planning on going swimming at work during my lunch hour.

So my options were:

  1. Leave it minging and sweaty
  2. Load it with dry shampoo to soak up sweat and grease (best invention ever!)
  3. Wet it without washing, but when it drys it looks totally greasy anyway!
  4. Wash it

I decided to go with option two. I guess I’m kind of lucky in the sense that I’m a PE teacher and probably get away with looking a bit skanky compared to other professions. Also being in Dubai, it’s acceptable to sweat, well I hope it is as I sweat throughout most of the day!

Even when I try to look groomed I fail, plus with living in the heat I don’t really like to blow dry my hair much, so end up it with it being a bit of a curly mess anyway. Which is what I’m like when travelling in the summer anyway!

Yes there is a snapchat filter on here- because I did not want to scare anybody! haha

Anyway think I went off on a slight tangent there- please comment and let me know if I truely am a skank and everyone washes their hair after every workout or not!


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