Evening meal at Sicilia, Movenpick Ibn Battuta

So my plan to get on back on track with my diet did not quite work yesterday. It was my sister in laws 30th birthday and we went out for a meal for it. As I am half Italian and grew up with my dad running an Italian restaurant, I have very high expectations of Italian food. It does not have to be super fancy or rich, just needs to have flavour. The food was actually pretty good, if you are based in Dubai I would definitely recommend this place. It is also on the entertainer!

I know I probably should have made ‘healthy’ choices and probably not had the pasta but it sounded so good and the restaurant has a pork license so actually had pork sausage in the pasta, therefore I was sold!

For my starter I has Aberdeen Angus beef carpaccio, which was served with mushrooms, cream cheese and balsamic vinegar. I love beef carpaccio but this one was by far one of the best I have eaten in Dubai.


My main course, the pasta dish I could not resist, was mezzamanica ‘gentile’ salsiccia and seasonal mushrooms. It annoys me a little how the menu has named their dishes half in English and half in Italian. Why?!? Either have the title in Italian and explanation in English or just all in English! Anyway the taste of the food made up for this slight annoyance! This was my dish, rigatoni in a tomato based sauce with mushrooms and pork sausage, topped with shavings of parmesan cheese.


If you are based in Dubai and want some pasta with a bit more flair than your usual spaghetti bolognese definitely try it out. There are also pizzas on the menu, which are cooked in a pretty good oven. It has a little window where you can see them make the pizzas, a point of interest for my 3 year old nephew who loved the fire!

Normal diet will resume today, I promise (well sincerely hope at least!)


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