Cloud eggs

After investing in an electronic mixer after helping my housemate make cloud eggs last week, I was excited to give it a go. It took 3 minutes to whisk the eggs compared to the 20 minutes it took last week!

Cloud eggs
Looking so good so far! Whisked egg whites, with bacon, parmesan and spring onion


However this week came across a new problem, I thought I would be clever and put all the egg yolks in an ice tray rather than have 1 bowl per yolk, when making 8 cloud eggs would end up with a lot of washing up and I’m far too lazy for that! I watched a video of Joe Wicks using a bottle to suck up an egg yolk, I tried this but was an epic fail! So proceeded to scoop them out with a spoon, however on most of them broke the egg yolk so it ended up going everywhere!

Anyway once cooked they did actually taste pretty good so not going to complain. Just need to work on my presentation, so will keep trying! God loves a trier! Not perfect Instagram worthy but probably the reality for most of us as these ‘simple’ recipes are harder to execute as the videos on the internet would have us believe!


At the end of the day all ends up looking the same in our stomachs! And with that slightly disgusting thought I will leave you- give cloud eggs a go though, even if they don’t look the best they taste great! 🙂


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