When visitors arrive…

visitorsI thought I would write my first blog post with something that I think many people who live in Dubai can relate to… having visitors.

It is amazing having friends and family come visit and honestly the last 2 weeks where I have had visitors has been sooooooo good. However, it can have an adverse effect on keeping on track with fitness and diet. At the start of May I started the F45 challenge, after joining the F45 gym in Dubai Marina in April. For the challenge you have to following a diet plan and attend F45 circuit classes. I was really strict with my diet, despite not following the diet plan to the letter, I still tried to stay under 1400 calories a day. I was also doing morning runs in addition to the circuit classes on an evening. I was feeling great, I had lost 5 kilos in 3 weeks! Then the first of my visitors arrived.

I always think it’s hard to get a balance when trying to make healthy choices and also not looking like a boring bastard! Especially in Dubai where it is so easy to indulge when at brunches or order take outs as pretty much everywhere delivers! I had been quite strict with myself, only allowing myself to drink alcohol 1 day a week, until this point. As I had been so disciplined with myself since starting the challenge when my visitors arrived I went a bit crazy!

I’ve drank quite a few days, I’ve eaten rubbish, lots of crisps and pizza! Which has been great! My final visitors leave tomorrow and I will get back on track. So I may not have made the most progress in the F45 challenge as now I have put 2 kilos back on. However, I think the key is to not punish myself for being so bad! Just to think that, yes I’ve had fun, eaten rubbish, drank a lot and not trained enough, but to shake myself off and get back on track.

I have 3 weeks until I fly to Cambodia, I made so much progress in the first 3 weeks of the challenge, I’m sure I can do it again!

So moral of today’s post is, yes it’s important to keep on track for your fitness goals, but also live your life, indulge every now and then, especially with friends! It’s good for your mental health too!


One thought on “When visitors arrive…

  1. Hey I know exactly how you feel. I just recently moved to Dubai and it’s difficult trying to get the balance right. I’m just trying to get back into good habits and not be too harsh on myself for over-indulging. Even though deliveries make it so much harder lol Looking forward to reading more of the blog😊

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