First blog post

So I’ve decided to start a blog. I will mainly be blogging about attempting to keep healthy, although I do like the occasional indulgence, cannot be good all the time! I like cooking and trying out new recipes, some which are epic fails! However, I think that is half the fun sometimes. Like the time when I once tried to make baked egg in an avocado, like Joe Wicks does, however when I cracked my egg into the avocado, it slid straight out onto the floor! Not my finest culinary moment!

eggs avo

I do love keeping fit, I exercise most days, with running, swimming, circuit classes. I am a PE teacher so think I really should practice what I preach! Though to be honest, as well as the physical benefits, I feel like I can become an irritable bitch if I don’t! So make sure I exercise for my mental health to!

I’m perhaps a little late to the game but have caught the travel bug big time this year! If I ┬áhad the money I would leave my job and travel indefinitely, but not quite ready to take the plunge yet so taking every opportunity I get during holidays to travel. This year I have been to Sri Lanka, Nepal, New York (was a work trip but still got to see the sights), Thailand and I am heading to Cambodia and Vietnam for a month during ┬áthe Summer holidays.

So guess these 3 areas are what I’ll be blogging about, food, exercise and travel. It will be warts and all accounts of my experiences, as unlike what the models of Instagram would have us believe, life is far from perfect! However, I think the imperfections and negative experiences only make us wiser, plus give us many funny stories, that may not be funny at the time but funny when you look back at them!



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